I was born in the French region of Occitanie, a place I truly love. Passionate about History since childhood, I first chose to study History at the university in Montpellier where I graduated with a Master’s degree in History and Geography. Then I started to be interested in French as a Foreign Language, because of the many exchanges I had with foreign students at my university. These exchanges fueled the desire of sharing my language and culture. After finishing the DAEFLE (a teaching diploma), I went to work abroad as a French teacher. After 6 years in Japan, I chose to move back to this beautiful region of the South of France. Nevertheless, this homecoming does not mean the ending of my teaching career. Determined to continue this vocation I love, and strengthened from my experience in Japan, I have created FLE d’OC, an online French school and an educational resources shop. Frustrated at not always finding the right teaching material to facilitate memorization and practice for my students, I decided to develop my own lessons and memos with a little colorful touch and a “léger accent Occitan”.